Old Paths Baptist Church

A church is place we value so much for our religious activities. Some of the services include worshiping and praise services. It is thus common in Christianity that a church is their holy place. In the world, there exist a different type of religions Christianity being among them. The Christians do also have different missions hence they end up attending different churches. At those different churches, they have different beliefs although they use the same reference material, in this case, the Bible. Everyone is, therefore, in a position to choose the right church that you feels shares the same principle as yours. The distinction between different religions is all but the existence of total different beliefs. One of the churches is the old paths Baptist Church.

About the Old Paths Baptist Church

The churches come to be through an individual who claims to have been saved by God in the year 1996 on 14th April. It is an old-fashioned, independent and KJV Bible believing Baptist church. The church still sings the old hymns of the faith during their services. The message in their preaching service is that we should repent and believe the gospel. The church is famous in the America with some branches opening up in different countries. They are seeking for new members to join them and are free to anyone who would like to visit them. Do you live in the Rockford area? Then you do not have to struggle to look out for a better church since you are just near the Old Paths Baptist Church.

What the Old Path Baptist Church believes

The church holds its find with high dignity. Theirs believes, the ones that define whom they are and what their mission is. They use the Bible that is the holy word of God. To them, the divine name was not only free but God Has kept his word all through the ages. The church believes that the Authorized version is the only bible that they will hold and read. To them, it will give inspiration, and it is their final authority in the earth.

The path Baptist Church holds that the Lord has been honoring the KJV more than any other book in the world. To them, God is still using the same book to bring many to his Glory across all countries in the world. God is one and exists eternally in three persons that include Son, Father and the Holy Spirit. They possess infinite glory, holiness, power, love and wisdom. Path Baptist Church believes that Jesus Christ is real as well as God Himself. They also believe that Jesus continues in making intercessions to us daily.

On man’s position

The path Baptist Church share a common believe with other churches, in that, it recognizes that man was God’s creature through His image. Unless a man is born again, he can not access the kingdom of God according to they believes. If you a willing to get salvation from the church, then to them it will be a gift from God that include the forgiveness of sins and gift of eternal life.

Missions of the Church

The path Baptist Church has different tasks that they base their activities. Some of the missions include street preaching, tent revivals, revival meeting and finally the radio ministry.

Street preaching

In the street, the church targets the youths whom they encourage to join the ministry and serve God. It is mostly on Fridays when the church members go to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church emphasizes the need to spread the Gospel all over the world using the street preaching.

Tent meetings

The other mission for the church is to set many tents at different places. It will help in inviting sinners to give them a clear presentation of what they ought to know about the Savior Jesus Christ.

Mission Evangelism

The mission will be emphasizing the pastors to allow preaching by different preachers in their churches. Booking two to three meetings in a different church is the target.

Service times

The church members meet on Sundays and Wednesday. On Sunday, they meet at 10 am at the Sunday school. The coffee and refreshments take place at 10:45 am and then proceeds to worship and to preach at 11 am. Evening services happens at 6 pm. On Wednesday, the prayer meetings are at 7 pm. Just last month, though, there was an interruption in normal service times because a major hail storm caused several holes and leaks to form in the roof of the Old Path Baptist Church. It took about 3 straight weeks of a roofer on site each day to repair the roof to its fully functioning state, enabling service times to go back to normal.

The church also offers nursery services to the parents who have children.