Church Barbecues

The best thing about church barbecues is that they bring people to have fun together and also know God. And of course the best barbecue events are held during or towards the end of summer season. This is the time when all kinds of groups go out to enjoy their roasted meals in the bush or anywhere they choose.

And as always, the yard is expected to pack to the brim. The food and salad menus are expected to entice since most barbecues dishes are delicious to the taste. When the sun shines and birds chirp in happiness, everyone has a great time doing what they love to do before summer time is up.

But in all this, there has to be someone in charge of the church barbecue, someone who will serve food, pour drinks, clear up and make sure the operation is running smoothly. With some planning, the operation can run as expected.

Church Barbecue Preparation Tips

Before the day of the event, the person responsible for coordinating the groups in charge of the barbecue must come up with a list of everything that shall be needed. Foods, non-alcoholic beverages, paper plates, towels, napkins, and plastic utensils are some of the most essential items the group will need.

It’s always a good idea to get extra supplies than then number of guests expected to attend the event. Church people never have to be extremely mean!

The person in charge of planning might also want to prepare in advance so they know the kind of food people in attendance will eat. They could decide to roast regular meat, bush meat or even sea food — depending on what’s available.

And of course there has to be compliments that go handy with the food. We’re talking of mustard, mayonnaise, relish, pickles and so forth. These compliments can be used to prepare fresh salads. However, if this is too demanding, then salads can be picked at the grocery stores for convenience.

Lastly, if the barbecue event is going to last for days, then this will mean shelter for everyone in attendance. It means the people in charge will hire tents or buy them for that matter. But hired tents are generally convenient since people only invest in them whenever they need them.

Other Church Barbecue Food Ideas

A variety of grilled food items will keep everyone happy, including the kids. Salads and appetizers are considered one of the best compliments to have — like we just saw above. But in all this, organizers should consider dishes that can be served in room temperature to avoid melting or even spoiling.

  • Snacks – Guacamole, ranch dip, vegetables, chips, salsa, popcorn, pretzels, trail mix can do the trick.
  • On the grill – Chicken, hot dogs, steak tips, corn on the cob, vegetable skewers, burgers and so forth.
  • On the side – French fries, coleslaw, pasta salad, potato salad, bake beans, baked potatoes and fruit salad.
  • Desserts – Apple pie, watermelon slices, ice cream sundaes, cookies, cupcakes and popsicles.

Fun activities

No church barbecue is complete without games to play. Some fun games to participate in include kick the can, capture the flag, whiffle ball, volleyball and badminton. At our church, we have a great place for these kinds of activities – the big field right outside the pool fence. What’s more, creative activities can also be offered in form of roasting marshmallows/karaoke. And with a wide range of games we haven’t mentioned here, it’s easy to keep everyone entertained after meals.

How about a concert in the wild?

Concerts, when used properly, are considered extremely vital evangelistic tools. There are lots of christian bands out there willing to put up a show for a small fee. The benefits of organizing such a concert is that they have the potential of bringing in a crowd into the church, hence the point we initially raised about equipping the BBQ with more utensils and supplies to cater for the unexpected numbers. There will be multiple new faces waiting to be ministered to, and this calls for equipping the group with enough leaders to serve the demand.

Final word

Church BBQ events are great to host. They give an opportunity for people to come together and share their issues in a Christian setting. That’s the reason many churches set them as priority. Church groups have realized that BBQ events are the new way of bring the word to the masses. Through fun activities, people will always be willing to listen.

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